Mistress Carly

Mistress Carly of Kent

I am Mistress Carly - one of England’s most beautiful and sophisticated lifestyle Mistresses - but then of course you have already deduced that from my photograph!

Being naturally Dominant, I very much enjoy meeting with gentlemen who wish to experience sensual and sexual Domination at the expert hands of a highly experienced and stunningly beautiful Goddess.

Unlike many Mistresses, I believe that sexual acts can be an integral part of a Fem-Dom/Sub-Male relationship and I very much enjoy ‘using’ My servants’ bodies (mouths, tongues & cocks) for My pleasure and gratification. I particularly enjoy ‘Queening’ (face-sitting) and value servants with an energetic & skilled tongue to pleasure Me to orgasm. I also enjoy `Milking` My slaves and have various ingenious suction apparatus that I enjoy putting to good use in order to do so.  I particularly appreciate slaves who are able to provide copious amounts of `cream` for Me and I may well order you to abstain from ejaculation for a period prior to an audience with me so that I can be assured of a very heavy load!

If you would like to experience the honour of serving beneath Me then you may apply to serve Me in My truly amazing mirrored fantasy chamber. However, you should be aware that I accept only the very highest standards of devotion and obedience and should you fail to please Me in any way, you will of course expect to receive suitable punishment (within pre-set limits).

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