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  1. Mistress Eve says:

    Reunited with my BFF Mistress Helena now available for double Domme sessions to very very late at night new photos taken now each week that are non professional so you get to see the real us not over photo shop edited visions of whatever that are unrealistic
    Newly refurbished palace in Earls Court just a 2 min walk from the Earls Court exhibition hall also we are now very active and keen to take photos of other Mistresses
    More than reasonable rates and you wont find more hardworking dedicated caring Mistresses around than us .
    Call soon on 07810805745

  2. Mistress Eve says:

    Brilliant First Timer and I am very impressed

    Hello there one and all I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying this lovely Sunday .

    This week has been brilliant – each day is different and exciting …
    No two days are ever the same and I’m so thankful I am a Mistress and have made a niche for myself that no one can come close to .
    Yesterday I met with a novice who could not resist calling me for a session after seeing my new photos taken only a week or two ago .
    As with most calls I am on hyper sceptical alert – just like every other self respecting Mistress = listening for even a hint of fake timewasting disrespect in the tone of voice or the words that are said – so that I can promptly hang up – block the number and get back to what ever it was I was doing …
    But this adorable smart intelligent newbie had done his homework – by reading my website he knew the answers to a few basic questions and answered them with respect and correctness – so that is one massive tick in the right box and so we went forward…
    For those of you out there reading this blog of mine – understand this ….
    These days no Mistress can be blamed for being sceptical when she receives a call and no Mistress to the best of my knowledge is spared – no matter what from the dreaded nasty and sometimes abusive disrespectful time wasters – its a fact that you all need to except and don’t pretend to be surprised any more …
    To avoid being hung up on and getting your phone number permently blocked … read this link perhaps for some insight as to how we Mistresses think and feel when you call us..
    Any way moving on … this perfect new slave answered well to my few basic questions – did not say anything that was ridiculous over the phone ( see link as before )
    Arrived perfectly on time and I was very happy to meet him and his wide eyes at the entrance of Eves Place…
    We went to my council dungeon room to have a quick discussion of about 5 mins which is never a part of the hours I session, to find out what my new slave had in mind .
    I could tell from his demeanour and eye contact that he was totally sincere in that he has a job that requires him to be the one all the time in control and that he is somewhat a perfectionist with his career and rightly so …
    I could relate to his professionalism straight away as I too am a lot like this – everything must be in its right order and so clean that one can eat off my floors at any given time etc etc Nice – clean and tidy I know for certain I run a very tight ship here at Eves Place…
    He hoped for a sensual mental domination session in a domestic setting – He wanted to meet minds on a mental playing field – which I am perfect for – yes he really had done his homework very well in selecting ME.
    I am so well adjusted to the meeting of the minds in fact it is I feel one of my strongest assets in my chosen fantastic profession.
    I informed him that if he shuts down on me, goes quite during role play then I too won’t extend myself – after all we cant have a Mistress talking to herself for 2 hours that would be ridiculous and also somewhat submissive I feel .
    My good ol saying comes to mind here = IT TAKES TWO HANDS TO CLAP !!!
    For role play it’s important for the slave to get into the role too and not be lazy emotionally to ensure a good session both parties need to contribute.
    So while he was in the shower I got dressed in my killer Agent P lingerie fully fashioned stockings and pin stripe jacket with Charlotte Olympia killer shoes hair in a pony tail and just in time to here those three knocks on the inside of the bathroom door – collar and lead in hand I went to open the door – floods of steam loomed out as he was standing there with fogged up glasses naked as the day he was born = I love that expression always makes me smile …
    I told him to move toward me eyes to the ground and collared him then led him into the vanilla room .
    After circling him and examining him like a panther eyes up it’s prey I pushed him forcibly down to worship my high heel shoes and long legs when eh did immediately.
    I was astounded now as to how responsive he was – he followed everything to the letter that I spoke about to him in the council room … we just clicked so well and he was imaginative creative minded and basically just got it …
    I had him restrained – enforced masturbation, made to intimate body worship , spanked and the list goes on .
    We covered everything that he hoped for on his list and I was here on top of my victim breaking his cherry and loving each and every second of it – what a rush and the session flowed so well I was in heaven.
    He did not want to have a happy ending but I insisted on it and he did not mention anal play on his I hope for list – but here I was just breaking him in and I could tell that he knew full well that he was having the time of his life getting far much more that what he had hoped for …
    I changed in front of him from my high end lingerie to my latex lingerie and enjoyed so much his facial expression of both shock and awe combined.
    His words of praise for my figure and appearance though nothing new to hear – I could tell that he could not believe his eyes that he was so lucky to be in the presence of ME Mistress Eve …
    After our session and my new slaves happy enforced ending he had another shower and we chatted about our session.
    I am a totally genuine and transparent or it could be said a real person – I would never flatter someone with fake praise – ever that is simply just not the kind of person I am and I think those that are close to me and there are many now – appreciate that quality of realness about me …
    Don’t get it twisted – one can be genuine and sensitive at the same time – at least with me that is the case .
    I let him know exactly how well he did during session and what he was great at I was so impressed with him I informed him that he has the makings of a great slave and that discipline from a Mistress can be a beautiful thing if done in the right way .
    We all need discipline folks would you not agree – self discipline is vital or imagine just our lives would be if we had no discipline over ourselves ???
    Bless his heart he – then said to me that he thought he could have done better .
    Dam this is a slave to die for …
    Any Mistress who sees this adorable slave is going to have the perfect session .
    I have introduced him and trained him very well for 2 hours you will see when you meet with him .
    Totally adorable slave and I wish there were muck more like him .
    For me his strongest qualities were …
    He was 100% genuine and made an effort.
    So for all other novices and even perhaps for some experienced slaves out there who are starting to get a bit lazy … hear this …loud and clear …
    I Mistress Eve do not want to hear for hours on end – “Yes Mistress – No Mistress and Im sorry Mistress .
    Brush up your dialogue skills boys – I like slaves who make that little extra effort to entertain me …
    Best Regards Mistress Eve xxx

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