Club Black Whip

Club Black Whip

Desire is a very primal and private instinct to every person, but sometimes desire needs to be controlled and constrained.  Everyone likes to play, but play needs to be safe and consensual.  How do we balance our desires?  How do we find a place where we can be who we truly are?   I also know that there are many dominant women who desire a safe place to exercise their natural inclination towards the control of slaves.

In the heart of London beats a private club where those desires can crystallize as reality.  That place is Club Black Whip. The name itself suggests the purposes of my domain.  It is a place for those who wish to worship beautiful black mistresses, making it unique in London even Europe, but those of all ethnicities are welcome.  I am the hostess of the club, the controller, and the supreme mistress.

I will welcome you to my domain and you will instantly feel the freedom that you so much desire.  Your heart will beat faster as you enter my domain and your mind will soar to consider new pleasures and new fantasies.

Hosted by Madame Caramel and Mistress Kiana and other beautiful black mistresses

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