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The AC ethos is ‘everything goes’. More broadly put, we don’t want anyone to feel left out. There is no reason why goths should be put off going to a fetish club, or vice versa. We aren’t going to ban Nazi insignia just incase someone is offended, for the same reasons we allow nudity – everyone at AC is over 18, and can make their own judgements.

d.Void is also the frontman in industrial-goth band Avoidance of Doubt, and has been the driving force in AOD for 6 years. Avoidance of Doubt have toured the UK extensively, playing at the Electric Ballroom, Nottingham Rock City, Koko, Slimelight, the Roadmender and hundreds of other venues. The band has released 2 albums and 2 EPs to date.

Becoming directly involved in a number of clubs in both countries, Antichrist is the first club which caught the interest of both kink and musical tastes of Ms. Raynor, she holds precedence over our Devil’s Playroom Dungeon – feel free to speak to her if you have any queries, suggestions, concerns, or you just need your derriere paddled!

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