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All our corsets are made of good quality materials and has more than one layer as this is where the corsets strength comes from. If figure shaping is what you’re after then you are at the right shop. please select your corset size ( if you are 30″ natural waist then your corset should be 3″ to 4″ smaller so we will recommend 26″),

All our corsets are Multi-layer – ┬áSteel boned – sprung steel and spiral steel combination …. this offers strength with the flexibility.

We have huge range of Leather and Fabric corsets …some are fitted with Front fastening steel busk and some are with zips or no front opening at all.

A waist trimming band is fitted in all our corsets which helps in figure shaping as well as to increases the corsetry strength..

We produce very soft and supple Genuine leather for all our garments with erotic silky butter-soft-finish. we stock leather corsets and bustiers, leather corset belts, leather corset dress, leather corsets for plus sizes, we deliver worldwide including Canada, USA and Europe.

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