MICO Couture

MICO Couture Latex

As you may already be aware, particularly if you have come along with us from our former home, Mico Couture is one of the two new incarnations of Lickorishlatex. (The other being Arcanum Accessories.)

Mico Couture will predominantly be the garment department of Lickorishlatex, separated off from the Lickorishlatex accessories range to devote our time almost exclusively to garments. So although we are starting out with the basic Lickorishlatex range, we’ll be bringing you scores of fantastic new designs over the coming few months!

This is a really exciting change for us. We love the old Lickorishlatex accessories and everything that went along with creating them, and will miss them and their super-cute goodness.

But by moving outside of their sphere, we will now have the time to bring into the shop our amazing garment designs that have, up and to this point, only seen the light of day as one-off custom pieces, or fashion show stoppers, that strut and fret their hour upon the stage and then are heard no more. (Oh, culture!) So watch this shop! Pretty things shall ensue!

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