Latex 101

Latex 101

We're a very small firm, we work from our workshop - come - house in our sleepy yorkshire village of Beckwithshaw with our cat Chuckie.

In the company, there's Stewart (who makes most of everything) and Richard (who makes some things but mostly sticks to doing patterns as Stewy's much better at that), Richard generally keep the business ticking over and makes sure we don't run out of  anything. We also have Jenn who helps us make shorts and underwear when we're busy and need stock, Idris,  who is an accomplished maker of leather stuff which he and his partner make and sell themselves.

The new bags and floggers and pouches and corset belts are his and his partner Zahira's creations. When we're busy we also draft Stewy's Mam in to help.
We spend much of our life travelling round the UK and Europe selling our wares at fetish fairs such as the London Alternative Market, London Fetish Fair, Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, Rubbered Up North, Erotica, Venus Berlin, Fetish Evolution, German Fetish Ball, BoundCon, and many more.

We are told our quality is as good as the good (and really expensive) ones and better than a lot of the big and smaller names, but it's nice hearing this from people who've bought things from us online on the hope that it's good stuff when it lands.

The two boys on the website (Kev and Luke) help us whenever they can and whenever we have adozen new things to show off they turn up so we can photograph them, and they also help us to sell at the big shows.

And that's us all really, we’re happy to make your acquaintance. Happy shopping!

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