Kinkbox Latex Clothing

This company is run by people with a long history within the world of art, music, fashion and alternative lifestyles.   It is not owned or operated by porn barons, wide boys, geeks or suits constantly looking at the bottom line; without any care or concern for the customers they supply, or the world in which they inhabit.

We have evolved organically from the ebb and flow that is life and stand as a monument to a tradition of liberalism and tolerance. In short, this entity owes its core to the ideas of the enlightenment and their manifestation in sixties counter-culture fused with seventies / eighties London street fashions and beyond.

The value system at play has always been entwined with the provision of a first class service and quality goods. We take an enormous pride in what we do and consider the past 25 years as testament to our success in being able to think out of the box, as well as being market leaders. What started as a bit of fun for a few has developed into a recognized world entity and is now a lot of fun for many.

The nub of our existence in a commercial sphere goes back to London nightlife in the early 1980’s. We were involved within the running and promotion of the first fetish parties and take a great pride at the trail-blazing we did back in those years.

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