An exclusive interview with Domina V




It was a mild summery day when I met Domina V during a week of mainly rain and typical English cold weather. I arrived at a very swish Hotel where Domina V resided whilst in London and I sent a text message stating I had arrived. Within a short while a figure dressed in a tight mac coat with large dark glasses appeared – only a style comparable to a Cosmopolitan magazine for which so many years I admired those models Domina V has the same style, flare and beauty.

For many years I have always wanted to meet Domina V therefore I kindly greeted her and suggested to conduct the interview within a nice local traditional Italian Restaurant over good food and good wine. It is an honour to conduct possibly the last interview from Domina V in the United Kingdom as her plans are now to move back to her home in Australia therefore this is an interview you cannot miss:


Domina V with over 12 years’ experience within the Fetish Scene please can I ask if you are a lifestyle Mistress and how you developed as a professional Dominatrix within the scene in Australia?

Yes, I am a lifestyle Mistress. I began my Mistress Apprenticeship at Salon Kitty’s Australia.

I understand you ventured into the UK Fetish scene in February 2008. In your travels are there any distinct differences between the Australian and English Fetish Lifestyle and your slave’s outlook towards being dominated?

Well, 2008 was when I arrived in the UK, though I was only planning to stay for 3 months. To be honest I wouldn’t know , I’ve been living in the UK for 8 yrs.

My first UK photo shoot

The Brighton Dungeon” photo by bn1boi

You have been a large part of the Fetish Club scene as an amazing performer with shows worldwide with exclusive appearances at clubs such as Club Pedestal and Candy Bar Soho and many more. What would be your most memorable experience of this, and how important was this to you to be part of the nightlife as some Mistresses purely session and keep their lives quite private?

I don’t know about amazing. Performing to me is just a hobby, I just love it. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to perform at some really amazing venues in the UK. I have so many wonderful memorable experiences . To me wasnt that important, I didn’t come here to get famous, things just happened and I was just at the right place at the right time.
I use to live and work in Soho and i have so many wonderful memories.


I have always noticed your stunning distinct appearance with flowing red hair and amazing collection of Tattoos. You have kept your almost vintage style however consistently fashionable very unique to you. What would you say to assist an up and coming professional Dominatrix seeking to establish a character and renowned profile such as you have in the Scene?

I go through stages and depending on the season will determined the colour of my hair, usually for winter I go darker and for summer I like to try nice bright coppers and reds. I didn’t wake up one morning I said ‘’Hey this is how I want to look’’. I guess being a hair and make-up artist has great advantages.

I think it all comes down to experience. I think eventually you will develop your own unique character, but this does takes time.

I understand that you are the proud owner of The Fluffy Boudoir Sissy and Cross Dressing Salon. Please can you tell us a little more about it and whether this will continue in the future?

Yes, I am very proud of the success of The Fluffy Boudoir which I started back in North London in 2011. TFB is my Sissy and Cross Dressing Service and yes my plans are to continue once I have settled in Australia. At this stage it’s too early to say where and when but I’m really looking forward to opening its doors again down under.


The Brighton Dungeon” photo by bn1boi

What aspects do you like or dislike in slaves?

Good manners are paramount. I also appreciate those who know the correct way to approach a Mistress at an event.

Please may we ask what are your favourite specialities and what you like your slaves to consider and endure within a session with you? I have a feeling dressing up may come into this topic.

Because my regular clients vary from dungeon sessions to transformations, it does depend on the client.. In the dungeon I enjoy everything from CP to sensory deprivation. My time spent with make over and complete transformations is a different kind of pleasure for me as the dynamics are based on confidence and acceptance.

I have seen and admired your Domina V Clip Store Videos, will we be able to continue seeing your work in the future?

Yes. I enjoy filming very much though I don’t get much time to film as my sessions comes first. I edit my own clips and enjoy putting it all together and seeing the end result. Yes you will see more work in the future..


What are your immediate plans when you return back to Australia?

I plan to take a couple of months off, it will be the middle of summer when i arrive so im looking forward to a holiday.
At this stage its too early to plan things until I get there. I have to decide where it is that I want to establish myself so I guess ill be busy looking around.

I personally think what you have given to the Fetish scene in the UK is inspiring and believe you will be a much missed lady by a huge amount of people. What will you miss the most from the UK personally?

Are you serious? Hahaha just joking…I will miss my friends and my clients . I wont miss the weather, I much prefer the heat.


Are there any particular Mistresses that you have worked with in the UK that you will miss to session with?

There sure is, during my time here in the Uk I have become close friends with Mistress Alice Malice and Mistress Akella in London. The past 3 yrs my time in Brighton I have become good friends with Mistress Dometria from The Brighton Dungeon. We are filming together next week for the last time and its going to be a very emotional day for me.


Domina V it has been such a pleasure and an honour to gain such an insight into your time spent in the UK and i am sure i can speak on behalf of so many when I say it would be wonderful to see you back here but in the meanwhile we wish you the very very best in your future plans to be back home in Australia.

Thank you Jordan it was lovely to have met you, thank you for the delicious Italian lunch. You were not what I expected and I think it’s a great idea for webguys like yourself to make an effort to meet your clients like me. I think you’re awesome and you really made me laugh.

Thank you and I wish you all the best with your successful website Fetish-me