Club Pedestal 27th September


The next Pedestal will be on Friday Sept 27th at Club Colosseum from 10pm to 5am.

For a flavour of the event and more details, please check out the web site :

Also upcoming for November, Pedestals regular attractions:

* Large team of House Slaves to serve and pamper female guests.
* Massive play space featuring over 15 pieces of fabulous kit.
* Photo booth for on demand artistic photography.
* Guided tour for new people leaving fetlife corner, 10:30pm.
* Tantric massage service for women.
* DJs Acid Jo & Jamie Moon playing the suitably eclectic mix.
* Fetlife corner for meeting online fetish friends, staffed 10pm to 12pm.
* The Goddess room for a stricter environment.
* Best Dressed Man competition.
* Select-A-slave in the goddess room at 11pm.
* Luxury Canapés
* ‘Maitre D’ service for women.

If you’d like to see the facebook page or say you’re going on Facebook, check here :

You can also see/RSVP on Fetlife here :

Tickets for Pedestal available online from Joanna Lark’s store :

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