Mistress Hunter of London


Mistress Hunter

Having spent several years as a popular spankee both on websites and in sessions, my skills as a Domme were built from my personal experiences, and over the last few years I have honed them to become a very firm – but usually fair -disciplinarian, using my natural dominance and love of power interaction.
Having been on the other end of the cane, so to speak, I am in an excellent position to know how it feels, both physically and psychologically.

Do not be fooled by my size; I may be 5 foot tall (in my stockinged, size 4 feet) but I can still command your attention and respect without resorting to shouting or unnecessary swearing.
I am also rather stronger than I look, and my hand spanking can often get through to those over my knee more intensely than a paddle or slipper would – you have been warned!


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