Malice and Myers Academy


Welcome to the Academy – a covert organisation of utmost importance to national security. Qualifying for extra-special governmental status, it has one sole aim – to stop in its tracks what is increasingly becoming an international crisis: The Global scourge of the miscreant male.

The Academy is headed up by internationally renowned experts in the arts of punishment, discipline, seduction and humiliation; Miss Malice and Miss Myers. Individually they are disturbingly effective, however within The Academy, the ‘miscreant male’ can taste the potency of their united talents. Granted with every immunity imaginable, these two delectable and deliciously dangerous Ladies will stop at nothing to reduce even the most difficult and challenging subject to a compliant and submissive state

Whether fervently kissing Their perfectly petite feet, succumbing to the lure of Their silk stocking tops for that most necessary spanking, subjecting your most vulnerable parts to Their nefarious attentions, or begging for that final stroke of the cane; you will not only find you are putty in Their soft and slender hands, but delighted to be so.

So if you feel in need of some firm female management or indeed that you might well be the perfect candidate for the Academy then it is highly recommended you find time to contact The Ladies…before They find you!

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