Why Fetish Tax?

Why Fetish Tax?

Annoyance really.
Because many working in the fetish industry, run a professional business, and want to get their accounts and taxes right. Not just to keep the taxman off their back, which is a good enough reason, but today you need accurate and reliable income figures to apply for mortgages or tenancy rentals to name just two.

Burying the cash under the mattress is no longer an option.
But I hear so many stories of some accountants, sniggering back at the office, gossiping about the “weird” client they have just met. Or that some clients feel embarrassed about their work having to explain it to a grey suit behind a desk.

Some even feel trapped with their current rubbish accountant, because they do not want to have the hassle to finding another one, that will take their work seriously.

It does not have to be like this.
For over 20 years owning this accountancy and taxation business you naturally tend to follow your interests. So no matter what line of work you are in within the fetish world, you can be assured of a professional, confidential and value for money service.

No more sniggering. No more take it or leave it attitude. No more indifferent service.outside normal working hours, including weekends, you can be assured of full tax and accountancy support for your fetish business.

Fetish tax – more of a kindred spirit.


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