Mistress Electra


I am a professional London and west midlands Dominatrix and have been for the last few years. Unlike most Dommes I am in my early 20’s and provide the allure, mysticism and beauty most Dommes are unable to. There are no safe words in my sessions. Life provides you with safety nets everywhere you go, family, police, the government, your friends. In my dungeon you are my slave, you submit to my desires and God Herself cannot help you.

I am not a glamour model who has decided to ‘try’ being a domme. You will find many of these, none of whom understand the deeply psychological connection that a slave has with his/her domme. I am a lifestyle domme, I do not simply switch in and out of the lifestyle. A true dominatrix knows her value extends to beyond the dungeon. I offer many services, none of them sexual, my expertise is in facilitating the depraved and dark impulses that men/women fail miserably at trying to hide.

I do not wish to deter beginners. My vigour and aggression is not instantaneous, I adjust my sessions accordingly for beginners and those who are simply curious. If you mail me we can discuss your comfort levels before our session. Before you know it Im sure you will be an extreme sub and thats when things will really get interesting…


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