Rayna Terror

Rayna Terror – Fetish Model

Rayna is particularly distinguishable for her sense of style not only when it comes to themes of her work but also for the stunning hair and makeup that give her such a unique look. This is where her hand-on approach behind the camera comes particularly into play.

As well as setting up a lot of the shooting sessions, Rayna also takes care of all her own hair and makeup, giving her the freedom to get just the right blend of styling as well as having a creative input that gives her as much of a buzz as being in front of the camera itself.

Rayna’s work has been published internationally across a broad spectrum and in different mediums. Most recently she has been the subject of several pin-up calendars as well as having her stunning body art showcased in leading tattoo magazines.

When asked about her increasing notoriety in the industry Rayna is as humble as she is beautiful: “I feel really lucky to have worked with such an amazing bunch of talented people and I just cannot wait to see what’s going to be next.”

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