Rebekka Raynor

Rebekka Raynor from Central London

Let me take you on a journey of self exploration and discovery. Open your mind and search your soul, examine your innermost thoughts, desires and fantasies. I will take you to where you belong - the dungeon. Whether you are a novice "dipping your toe" or an experienced player in to total obedience training, you will enjoy our session of 'Different Loving'.

The flow and chemistry between each session is as different as every individual. But heed this - I will enjoy seeing you suffer. I will enjoy your servitude (what else is it for?) I will enjoy heightening your sensations and observing the results. I do this for my own pleasure, not purely for business. During sessions, nothing happens that I wouldn't do in private, so believe me - I'll be enjoying myself.

My play is laced with an element of humour, and a smile is often on my lips. My pleasure is gained and fed from observing your reactions. Scream (if your mouth's not full), writhe (unless instructed otherwise), and it will make me a pleased sadist. Act like a dead fish and it will not. With this in mind, let your pain receptors do the talking. I've appeared on over 40 different BDSM and fetish websites, so you will be spoilt for choice if you wish to watch me in action.

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