Club Pedestal Friday 13th May

Club Pedestal Friday 13th May

Pedestal nights primarily provide for the entertainment and enjoyment of women, although no doubt our male guests will be glad they came! The layout of the club is large, spread across multiple rooms, with varying themes.

Live performances (12-1am) for the May Pedestal: The sparks will fly when the mystifying diva Victoria Gugenheim takes the stage to perform Rosie the Riveter, a wonderful collaboration by Victoria and Beatrix just for this special event!! Adam Anarchy and Blasphemy Supreme present a visceral evening of the dark arts with a thrilling performance! Also the outrageously devious Beatrix Carlotta.

There are guided tours of the club for those who want an introduction. Its a walk through of the various rooms, introductions to people who are there to help you, and an oppertunity to meet other people new to the club.

Club Colosseum,
Market Towers,
1 Nine Elms Lane,
SW8 5NQ.

Jordan from Fetish-Me will be attending to make a review of the night

For bookings and tickets please visit

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