Mistress Absolute

Mistress Absolute from Central London

I have always been Dominant, even from an early age. I love My work and take great pleasure from meeting new and fun submissives. My greatest thrills come from the relationships built up over time, between Me and My slaves. Each slave is different and unique giving Me the opportunity to do what I do best and for those lucky enough to be allowed to re-enter My chambers it gives them the chance to try to prove their devotion to Mistress.

I love My rubber clothing and adore My vast collection of shoes and boots. There is nothing better than sliding into tight shiny rubber and stepping into My 8 inch stiletto boots, then watching the face of a slave survey the Goddess standing in front of him or her.

I am not a man hater, nor have I fallen into Domination from anotherangle,this is what I have chosen to be in life.I have many slaves, male and female, who have served and worshiped Me for years.

I have pushed their fantasies and boundaries and in returnthey have been collared, the ultimate reward for servitude. Trust and respect go both ways and are an integral part of any session I do.

I enjoy many forms of fetish, from the sublime to the ridiculous…..as long as it is safe, sane and consensual.

Mistress Absolute is listed on Fetish-Me as a ultimate Mistress

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