Jordan Jerome @ Club Pedestal

Jordan’s first time at Club Pedestal

Wow what a night this was i must say !! Thank you to Joanna Lark and friends who made my night go smoothly and a little rough at the same time but i didnt mind !

Club Pedestal is an amazing club located in Vauxhall and has regular events which are based on Female Supremacy. You can find many of Londons most exclusive Mistresses and many are listed on Fetish-Me on our Pro Mistress pages

Pedestal nights primarily provide for the entertainment and enjoyment of Mistresses and Dominant women, although no doubt our male guests will be glad they came! The layout of the club is large, spread across multiple rooms, with varying themes.

House slaves will be present to serve our female guests, they’ll cater for everything from fetching your drinks, to polishing your boots (shoe shine equipment provided)! House slaves are easily identified by their red collars.

You can watch, drink, be amazed and if you are allowed even join in but you must ask permission kindly from a Mistress !! Dress in Fetish Wear only as its such a great night you need to be dressed for the occasion !

Reviewed by Jordan Jerome – “I attended Club Pedestal and it was an amazing night. I highly recommend it. You will see all the beautiful Mistresses of London.”

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