Eva Vortex

Eva Vortex from Central London

I have performed in some music videos, and my pictures have appeared in several fetish and XXX shemale websites.  I have also featured in magazines including Mixmag, Time Out, Fluid, Dazed, Boyz, QX, Skin Two, Marquis, Bizarre, Desire and Piercing World, and in the books ‘Through the Eye of the Needle’, ‘Torture Garden’ and others.

I love to wear sexy underwear, corsets and stockings.  The materials I prefer for my outfits are lace, chiffon, rubber and latex.  I have a fetish for boots and high heels too.  My favourite perfume is D&G (red velvet box).  I love glamour, and collect elegant vintage underwear, clothing and hats with mesh nets, hat pins, feathers and rhinestone adornments in 1900s to 1960s styles.  I love the elegance of bygone eras.  As all women do, I love high fashion and heels – never less than 4″ high!  I have a passion for exquisite rubber/latex designer outfits.

I often get asked if I am going to go through with gender reassignment surgery, but I don’t think it’s for me.  I like being a pre-op TS.  I like to be different, I feel really comfortable living full time as a woman and I do get to have the best of both worlds.  I am sexually versatile and live my life in a very sensual and sexual way.

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