The History & Arts of the Dominatrix


The History & Arts of the Dominatrix

“This book is the illustrated treatise on the Dominatrix throughout history, and her practices as arts.

No book previously existed on the subject. Nomis set to work meticulously researching the most discreet and mysterious occupation of the Dominatrix. This book reveals the ancient roots of the Dominatrix lie within sacred rituals to a Goddess Inanna who ruled one of the most important cities of the ancient world, the city of Uruk (or Warka). With a Masters degree in archaeology and art history, Nomis has included exerts of a hymn to the Goddess with rites of gender transformation, punishment, pain and ecstasy, linked to the high en-priestess named Enheduanna, and images of the Goddess.

Into the English history record, the secular profession appears in books from the 17th Century, with flagellation prints of the Dominatrix in role of ‘Whipstress’ and ‘School-Mistress’. The ladies providing birch discipline were interlinked with royalty, nobility, parliamentarians and secret societies. By the 19th Century, London held 20 sumptuously appointed discipline houses, run by ‘Governess’ Dominatrices, one of whom invented a special machine for whipping, known as the Berkley Horse.

In the 20th Century, the book presents rare vintage snapshots of mid-20th Century ladies of the ‘bizarre underground’ in time, space and place, from London, New York, The Hague and The Herbertstrasse. Lastly, Nomis examines the contemporary occupation of the modern-day Dominatrix, and contributes a theory of their ‘Seven Realm Arts’ characterizing their practices. This book is the seminal work on the subject of the Dominatrix, her history and her arts as a unique craft.”

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Goddess Zeena of London and Barnet


Goddess Zeena of London and Barnet

My name is Goddess Zeena and I am a lifestyle Amazon Goddess who offers private sessions in my fully equipped London and Barnet dungeons with enough equipment to blow the mind and leave you shaking with fear before I even touch you.

I am physically and mentally strong, boxing competitor , Amazon Strong Dominatrix.

Standing at 6 foot 3 in my high heels I will tower over any potential slave who dares to enter my dungeon. I get asked many times how I became a dominatrix and the honest answer is its something that has been inside me from an early age. When I was in my early teens I found it very easy to manipulate the boys in my class at school to get what I wanted and I have developed that skill over the years to become what I am today.

I would now class myself as a natural dominatrix with my own unique style which I have gained in the last 3 years of offering private sessions. I would definitely say I am a sadist and I love to have the most hardened masochist begging for mercy however don’t let that put off you slaves who cannot take pain as I specialize in sessions with newbie slaves and guiding them in the first steps in learning female supremacy. Be warned though, once you step foot in my dungeon I will become your addiction and you will live to serve me.

Visit Goddess Zeena of London and Barnet

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Marquisa de Sade Russian Mistress


Marquisa de Sade Russian Mistress

I am a 24 year old, elegant, intelligent, well-educated Russian Dominatrix. I enjoy providing for a wide spectrum of fetishes. Some of my favourites include, but are not limited to leather, latex, stockings, masks, gags, torture devices, high heels, corsets and tight fitting and sophisticated outfits. I dominate my slaves using eroticism and control. I enjoy exercising my power through the use of my voice, appearance, movement and touch.

I am very strict and I expect very high standards of behaviour from my pets. My favourite activities are torture, humiliation, service, restrictive behaviour immobilisation, sensation play, breath play, teasing, denial, role play and hypnosis. I am quite expert in Human Psychology and have experience in assisting those who need to understand better their sexual desires .

Visit Marquisa de Sade:

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Mistress Zoe Noir

Zoe Noir

Mistress Zoe Noir

East London Mistress

I’m Zoe Noir, a well educated and sophisticated young dominatrix. My fetish journey begun in Prague during my Teens soon after terminating my studies in Psychology.

I’ve been privileged to learn from East European Mistresses the art of BDSM which opened my mind and unleashed my sexual fantasies.

I have always been dominant since a very young age. Additionally I’ve been blessed with an outstanding beauty thanks to my East European roots, which gave me the opportunity to be served by submissive mens with ease.

But don’t fool into my beauty cause behind my feline face and porcelain skin you will find an impatient and sadistic mind who will enjoy seeing the fear into your eyes.

During the time with me you will have the privilege to be dominated with both physical and psychological scenarios.I also enjoy play in Fetish scenarios with a modern and creative approach. I just feel and look like a true Goddess with my latex suits, leather corsets, glows and high heel stiletto boots.

If you are truly ready to serve me come into my world of dark power, give up your control and give it into my will.

Visit Mistress Zoe Noir

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An Interview with Divine Mistress Heather – The Queen of FFF

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”An exclusive interview with a true Goddess – Mistress Heather from Femme Fatale Films” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_single_image image=”1295″ img_size=”765X529″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Mistress Heather has been one of the leading Dommes on Femme Fatale Films since its launch back in 2011. I talk to her in an exclusive interview about her past, her present and her future as the female force behind Femme Fatale Films.

Jordan Jerome


When did you first realise you had a dominant side and how did it reveal itself?

Whilst having been a relatively shy child, I’d always had a discreet manipulative and sadistic streak in me when it came to boys. But at that age, it is not something that you relate to sexually. I recall seeing a documentary about New York’s prostitution scene in the early 90’s and in particular, one lady who would dominate her client using sandpaper to masturbate him – it’s funny how certain things stick in your mind. That scene definitely made something click.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1296″ img_size=”610X454″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]A few years later I remember watching the Nick Broomfield documentary on New York’s Pandora’s Box, ‘Fetishes’ from 1996 (click here to play the trailer) and being hugely fascinated by the women, the men, the activities and the equipment (so much so that I later spent some time reprimanding NYC slaves at Pandora’s Box). Finding that there was a whole new and alternative world dedicated to such wonderfully wicked things was certainly a step towards understanding my dominant nature. In my teenage years I loved to wear sexy PVC clothing and skyscraper heels, which always caught people’s attention and made me feel very ‘bad’. With my attire and the things that I had seen in documentaries and magazines, adopting a naughty and haughty persona seemed to flow quite naturally.

When did you turn pro and did you have any training or just find your way on your own?

I entered the world of pro domination some 13 years ago now, back in 2002 while living in Brighton, England. The burning desire to dominate men grew and after some research I found a local Mistress who offered me her guidance. She has since retired but I have many fond memories of sessions with her. It wasn’t too long before I was offering sessions on my own but a Mistress is always developing her skills, whether that be hands on with a guinea pig slave, through workshops with specialised practitioners or through literature.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1298″ img_size=”770X387″][vc_column_text]I’ve been making FemDom movies since 2003 although I haven’t modelled for very many sites, despite a plethora of invitations, since I have always been very particular about the presentation of a website and its production values. I’ve shot numerous clips with Woman Worship and some shoots for Goddess Alexia’s Platinum Cage.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1299″ img_size=”800X409″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Do you go to fetish clubs, what’s your favourite club night?

I was a regular attendee of London’s Club Pedestal in its very early days. My first attendance at the club was back in 2003 and I often helped out as a resident Domme with the house-slave training evenings, in preparation for the main event. I love the FemDom ethos of the club and it was always enjoyable to put potential house slaves through their paces at the training evenings.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1300″ img_size=”723X480″][vc_column_text]London’s Club Smack and Essex’s Club Twisted were my favourite fetish non FemDom specific clubs – sadly both stopped running many years ago. While I prefer more intimate FemDom events, the region of Spain where I now reside doesn’t have any regular clubs, but these days I can occasionally be seen at larger European fetish events such as Wasteland or Dominatrix, if it coincides with my travel plans.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1302″ img_size=”663X480″][vc_column_text]What kind of BDSM play do you most enjoy?

It really does depend entirely on whom I’m playing with and the energy that flows between us. What I may enjoy with one slave, may not be so favourable with another. I enjoy the psychological aspect of a FemDom relationship the most. Manipulatively using my seductive feminine charms to transform and ensnare a submissive into my perfect slave is a great thrill. Making them dependant on my leadership, but training them to show initiative in always striving to please and serve me to the best of their abilities. I adore role-play, especially when it incorporates some of my favourite activities.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1304″ img_size=”800X388″][vc_column_text]As a Pro Domina I have enjoyed receiving many wonderful scenarios from my clients to be creative with – a base idea that I can spend days or even weeks developing. I especially love nipple torment, CBT and ball-busting – anything that allows me to be able to look deep into a slave’s eyes as I inflict pain is a huge thrill for me. It gives me immense pleasure to humiliate a slave – both verbal and physical. Leaving a slave feeling utterly degraded leaves me feeling utterly turned on! Strap on is amongst my favourite activities – the psychological and lasting impression it leaves on a slave, is one of pure FemDom.

What’s your favourite fetish wear?

I’ve always had a fetish for corsets, vintage inspired lingerie and beautiful delicate stockings. With corsets it’s not just the many varied and beautiful designs I like to collect, it’s also the way they help maintain perfect posture and accentuate curves. I’m particularly in love with under-bust corsets at the moment.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1305″ img_size=”660X418″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]I have a deep fetish for traditional fully fashioned nylons, especially the Point and Manhattan heel. I adore the way that the sheer silky fabric glides over your skin. It’s a self indulgent and luxurious fetish I get a great deal of personal pleasure from.

Latex has always been a firm favourite for fetish wear – the feel, the smell, the taste and the way it compliments a woman’s shape. There are many wonderful latex designers around these days and I have a number of pieces that are custom made. I feel incredibly sexy and powerful whilst being worshipped in latex – feeling a very lucky slave’s warm tongue pleasing me through the second skin is a highly pleasurable experience.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1306″ img_size=”537X431″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]My collection of leather attire is becoming more prominent in my kinky closet. What I especially love about leather is its versatility for everyday life. Just a simple pair of tight leather trousers, concealing my favourite leather knee boots beneath, is enough to turn many heads in public.

What about footwear, do you prefer shoes or boots?

I don’t really have a preference over shoes or boots, I love them both in equal measure, but I pretty much always insist on platforms and usually with an elegant stiletto heel. I have an ever growing collection of over 200 pairs at last count and it’s true when they say a lady can never have too many ;)[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1308″ img_size=”710X429″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Are you still offering personal sessions?

I guess you could call me semi-retired from private sessions. Since taking over Femme Fatale Films, much of my time is spent running the website. I now only accept extended sessions with applicants that especially interest me. It’s a nice position to be in.

So no more conventional one or two hour encounters for slaves?

When I’m travelling to do filming for Femme Fatale Films, I may on the odd occasion announce a session date or two and with these I do accept one hour sessions – this is incredibly rare though! Most of my sessions these days are with international devotees over a few days and these are the sessions that I enjoy the most. Getting to know someone over a longer period of time is so much more satisfying on so many levels. I adore travelling and meeting polite gentlemen from all over the world and slowly breaking them down day by day, morphing them into my perfect slave.

[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1309″ img_size=”677X489″][vc_column_text]


So what does the future hold for Femme Fatale Films?

I have a good few new ideas in the melting pot, too many in fact to mention here and now. It’s always important for any evolving business to adapt to ever changing market forces, but I will never compromise my desire for quality, that’s certainly a constant that the many FFF fans can always rely on.

All of the movies on FFF have always been and will continue to be a true representation of the individual Mistresses, either in session or expressed through role-play. So what our members get is real FemDom, not FemDom in the blinkered style of some domineering director. I also insist on letting the action flow naturally in scenes, so the chemistry between Mistress and slave can develop. There’s nothing worse than stop-start productions – it doesn’t help the Mistress or slave!

How have you adapted to life in sunny Spain?

It’s been great! I love life here, there’s something about waking up to blue skies every day that makes for clear and positive thoughts! Maybe that’s reflected in why the website over these last 12 months has seen memberships soar to an all time high! I’m very fortunate to have a great lifestyle and a beautiful villa in which to reside. I have a select few slaves who work the mundane chores around the house and grounds, which gives me time to let my creative juices flow into Femme Fatale Films 😉

Well thank you for your time and enlightenment Mistress Heather! It’s been a pleasure talking with you and I wish you continued success in your business![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=”Femme Fatale Films” h4=”The worlds best in Fetish Films” txt_align=”center”]

See the interview listed on Femme Fatale Films here


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Mistress Miranda


Mistress Miranda of Ealing

I am both a lifestyle player and Pro Domme who has been active in the scene for 19 years which has given me a vent for my kinky tastes. All you lucky subs who session with me, whether you are a novice or experienced slave, will benefit from my wealth of experience and genuine interest in the BDSM world. Ive now hit 41 and Im very happy to say that Ive never lied about my age as your as young as you feel. Luckily the fact that I’m fanatical about fitness, working out 5-6 times a week to make my body toned this gives me double the energy to keep on going far far longer than many half my age. Ive been a keen martial artist for years (20+) and am happy to encorporate this element of skill into my sessions.

Yes I still have the exuberance of youth on my side but I will not offer any sort of wrestling holds or take down manovers as this is not an activity Im skilled or practiced at. Karate kicks, punches, body conditioning is fine. Im a level 3 qualified Personnal Trainer. I also hold the relevent Instructor qualifications in numerous sports including in Kettlebells , MMA drills, Strength and Sports Conditioning, TRX Suspension Training to name a few. I believe that a healthy body aids keeping a stress free mind and naturally strutting around in rubber all day means I make an extra effort to keep in reasonable shape. Take a look at my members site and you will see evidence of in my latest photos and videos (on the Members Site). Ok I admit, Im not perfect and also succumb to temptation of those lovely sweet delights on occasion but we all can but try to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow…most of the time.

My films are shot across the UK and abroad with a large variety of submissives and Dommes. Keep an eye on my Mistress Blog to know what kinky fun I’ve been up to.

Visit Mistress Miranda

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Mistress Lucy Zara of Gatwick


Mistress Lucy Zara of Gatwick

A well-established, International Glamour, Fetish & Bondage Model, Playboy TV Presenter and Business Woman. If you’ve come to this page, you probably already knew that. What you may not know is that I also have a very wicked controlling side!! – I enjoy Dominating Submissive men. I love the fact that just looking at me can bring a grown man to his knees and make him do whatever I say, no matter how powerful his job may be in the real world, the fantasy of having ME taking control of him no matter how humiliating or painful is enjoyable!!

Whatever your KINK, whether you like Pain or Humiliation, Financial Domination, Foot Worship, Chastity or if you just like being Teased and Controlled, I will explore it with you until you are totally committed to me. I will get right into your head until I control you like a puppet on a string, your Addiction to me will be like a drug….I will be your Boss.

For those of you who are looking for long term ownership, I can take over your life, I will become an Obsession… All you will be able to think about is ME. You will spend your time waiting anxiously for my next instruction and I will keep you right on the edge for months on end, I will effectively own you!

But whether you just want a One-Off session or a more extended commitment, be Warned… I demand total Obedience, Loyalty, Respect and Servitude… you should expect to have your limits pushed in every way – I want to have my fun too!

In return you will get an experience unlike any other that is so intense you won’t be able to stop yourself coming back again and again, falling deeper under my control each time.

So if you are looking for a new breed of High Class Mistress up until now beyond your reach, then you have found it here!

Are you ready to submit yourself and endure my Dominance & Worship at my Feet?
Be Prepared…

Visit Mistress Lucy Zara

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Yorkshire Mistress Minxy


Yorkshire Mistress Minxy

Welcome to my dungeon of divine pleasure and pain. I am Mistress Minxy and I enjoy the feelings and experiences come from making your deepest, darkest fantasies come alive. I will push you far beyond anything that you ever thought that you could ever endure.

I am a dominatrix who knows what I want and I will have it. Your focus will soon be centred on worshipping my feet as I relax in a chair, or focusing on the sound of my voice echoing of all four walls, or maybe just a simple glance from my blue eyes will have you encapsulated in my essence and powerless to disobey any of my commands.

I am an expert in the art of domination and have experience in catering for numerous fetishes.

I am quite happy relaxing as you worship my feet and I might even let you have the privilege of painting my toenails for me. Those who fail to follow my commands will feel the sting of my flogger as well as anytime that I feel like it. You will quickly realise that I demand perfection and can be very harsh in handing out discipline.

I am quite open and relaxed about discussing any needs or desires that you have so no need to be nervous or hold back. I can work wonders so long as you explain what you are looking for. As part of any session I will discuss with you what limits that you have. If you don’t know what your limits are, now would be a good time to start thinking about them….

However any attempt to control or influence a session once it has started will not be tolerated. Once I have agreed on the details of a session, Control is Mine and your only choice is to obey.

Visit Mistress Minxy

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Mistress Ivy

Mistress Ivy

Mistress Ivy

Mistress Ivy from London

An educated, well travelled, young and experienced domme. I have fantasised about torturing men since childhood; I was the one who used to tie boys up in the playground. As soon as I turned 18 I threw myself into the London fetish scene, and over time have garnered skills such as how to restrain and cane by some of the best players in the country. I have worked at several dungeons in the UK as well as in Australia. If you want to explore your kinks with someone who is safe, yet beautifully sadistic then look no further; I am more than happy to oblige.

Corporal punishment is a speciality; hearing the swish of the cane as it lands on your bare, exposed bottom never ceases to amuse me. I have a whole host of implements such as the tawse, paddle, flogger, strap, and riding crop although sometimes you’ll deserve nothing more than to be bent over my knee for a good, long, hard spanking. Depending on your needs I can administer extreme pain or make your body tingle exquisitely with a variety of sensations. I should mention that I have a penchant for gagging a wide-eyed submissive with my dirty knickers.

Punishing naughty submissives is tiring work so I will need some time off. Could you be in my harem of well behaved slaves to treat and pamper me with massages, flowers, chocolate, champagne, and tea?

Maybe you are wondering what it would be like to be dominated by a beautiful woman, I am very willing to train you and open the door into this new and exciting world of desire.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Miss Ivy xx

Visit Mistress Ivy

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Mistress Queen B

Queen B


Mistress Queen B from South London

I am a SE London based pro-Domme. If you want to see Me and serve Me, email me

I have a fully equiped play room which has fifteen foot of mirrored walls so you can see our action, also have a large screen tv which i can mirror(stream) filthy arse stretching session whilst hooked up and restraind on my fetish gyno chair. this is sure to put you out of your comfort zone.


At present I seek a truly devoted subs who will worship the ground I walk on and prove his value to Me in countless ways. If that sounds like you, so well and good, but… I wasn’t born yesterday. Don’t try fooling Me with any pathetically transparent lies, because you’ll be biting off a lot more than you can chew!
I may look sweet (and sometimes I can be), but I’ll also happily tie you down and give you a few thousand watts of shock punishment for wasting my precious time…
Don’t mess with Me.

I’m pure power; a prick-teasing bitch who thrives on being an alpha head fucker. Addictive… and so much more… How much more? You will have to strive and suffer to find out!

I am a sensual erotic Goddess – show Me a weakness and I’ll exploit it. Give Me an inch and I’ll want the whole mile and more.

I have my own unique methods of control. I will use every trick and tool to make you submit , I will triumph every session, growing in power each time, eventually perhaps taking you with Me to explore far and as yet uncharted areas on my own journey.

I can guide you if you’re a newcomer, and help you to explore all those aspects of bdsm you have so far only imagined… But you must always remember that it is your job to please and satisfy Me, not the other way round. If you haven’t quite grasped that yet, I promise that you soon will.

I can be very decadent, depraved or just naughty – my style is playful, kinky or extraordinary. I am passionate and perverted… I smile at your innocence, with a glint in my eye.

On that path which only I can drive you down, I will push your boundaries and you will accept my total control. Mistress B subs and servants are well-trained. They know their place and will pander to my every wish and command. I will have your destiny in my hands, and if you dare to try to play games with Me… how will you suffer? I’ll not say.

I am a Goddess and a true Femme Fatale.

Unique and open-minded, I love to indulge my passion for fetish and domination with an amazing range of outfits for both Me and you, together with the toys and equipment to make all your fantasies real. I am well experienced in most areas of bdsm play.

My particular pleasures:
Orgasm denial and edge play
Face Sitting
Whipping, flogging and spanking (OTK) – mild to sadistic
Foot, body, tattoo and Goddess Worship (at my discretion)
CBT and nipple torture
Strap-on training
Sensory deprivation
Hot wax
Pin wheels
Puppy slave
Adult baby sitting
Objectivication( furniture )
Smoking fetish
Fully fashioned stocking / leg worship/ foot fetish
Role Play (Nurse, teacher, police, army, adult baby, school, medical. Age play . etc)
Anal stretching, fisting, double fisting, footing
,double footing
Latex worship
Small cock humiliation
Cross dressing/ makeover transformation(outfit supplied wigs makeup nails plus Photoshoot )
Water boarding
Breath play
Double Domme
Forced bi
And what ever I can fit down there)Forced exhibition on cam/Visio/blackmail edge play
Abandonment and isolation
Humiliation of all types
Maid slave duties
Email domination
Slave duties via webcam with tasks and duties
Webcam domination
Gagging ( strap ins fingers -)

As well as the dread fucking machine (see below), I have all kinds of pvc, latex, leather and rubber outfits, and equipment including:
Gyno chair
Fetters bench
Electrics stims machine and tens unit
Rubber bondage bed
Queening stool
Extreme strap-ons
Toys to deliver sensual pleasure (if I am kind).
Gas masks
Inflatable dildos and butt plugs
Cling film
Cock pumps
Gates of hell
Pin wheels
Cat nails
Pegs clamps nipple clamps magnets
Deep heat and ginger
Extensive cross dressing sissyification wardrobe wigs shoes boots eyelashes nails makeup breat forms
Proffesional lighting and filming equipment and I can also edit recordings of out sessions at a additional cost should you wish to have a recording of our session

A couture kid leather made-to-measure black and pink harness – and five dongs in different girths and lengths – something for every hole… soooo good to pound you with!

The Pro Fucking machine…. (“The flagship model F-Machine Pro.. powerful and versatile.. adjustable thrust rod length.. adjustable thrust depth of 1-6 inches.. adjustable legs to suit various positions and thrust angles.. 60 watt industrial spec motor.. mind-blowing top speed of 240 rpm.. virtually silent.. many attachments” (double condoms and lube used)

I have the ability to make you look stunning: Make up, wigs, breast forms, outfits in all sizes, shoes and boots… You can hang out and have fun looking at yourself with Mistress. I can take pictures for you, and/or whore you out.

Unique and open-minded . I will make all your fantasies reality, a sexy model who loves to indulge her passion for Fetish, Dominatrix and role-play as well as being a sexy seductive Temptress tease. Sexy talented and -minded with an amazing selection of outfits for both me and you, toys and equipment including restraints, fetters bench, rubber Gyno chair e-stims machine
Pro fucking machine with various sizes doc Johnson dong attachments mirrord wardrobes 12 ft wall to wall large flat screen television mounted on wall so I can stream recordings of sessions via Apple TV whilst we play cock pumps nipple magnets devices bondage bed, electrics, queening stool, strap ons and extreme strap ons, whips, fetish, Dominatrix, role-play outfits, paddles, gags chains and much more I am well experienced in most areas of bdsm play.

Visit Mistress Queen B

Mistress Queen B

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