Mistress Lilse von Hitte


Mistress Lilse von Hitte

My personality and style are a mélange of cosmopolitan sophistication and glacial rigour, all spiced with a strong savor of creative sadism. I praise power transfers as sensuality and as an evolution path. I am an empathetic, sometimes sarcastic, rational and fair, intelligent and creative woman identifiable as a dominant sadist.

I naturally inspire a sense of submission and worship by my aristocratic and exquisitely domineering presence and that led me to a wide range of vibrant and fulfilling experiences. I explore fears and fantasies and I take satisfaction in composing individual sadistic scenes.

My imagination is indefatigable and even if I enjoy playing with symbols and rules on occasions, I don’t believe in the power of stereotype clothes, costumes, gestures or addressing etiquette, for I think that true domination is self-evident in any circumstance.

I’m a perfectionist. I expect my play partners to try their best and beyond. When I play, I focus my entire creative energy in the scene and I request absolute devoutness in exchange.

My main interest is playing with minds, rather than just bodies and I discovered during all these years in the scene that there are almost as many BDSM forms and varieties as there are people, and most of them are fascinating to discover and explore. Owing to my inquiring mind and adventurous spirit, I have a very wide range of interests in BDSM, although I think the dynamic of a rapport it’s always more important than the practices themselves.

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