Mistress Syn Ariad

Mistress Syn

Mistress Syn Ariad of East London

Mistress of Labyrinthes, Muse of the souls, Queen of late Night Secrets.

Mistress Syn Ariad is a French Vampire looking for a very special kind of enlightenment, holding many candles as a lantern, with a sweet tooth for Japanese Rope Bondage, Art, Philosophy and Psychology. She lives in a twist, somehow on the other end of Masochism.

Fever & Games. Rapture, Keys & Control. This is a scene, a ceremony, a ritual, through which She is getting you out of your comfort zone – or actually defining it and sticking to it until you get released.

Mistress Syn Ariad has a profound interest in seeing Masochism unfold under her Control, through stressful positions, mental connection, pain administration and creation of sub space (or full presence management). She is not the typical shouting Domme, She likes to tease and seduce so you, poisoned, manipulated, used and abused, dance on edges for Her.

You exist just so that She can be. She defines you, to use you. She uses you, to define you. May you be Her humble servant, sweet little pet or devoted torture canvas… if you ever fall under Her Sight, and Her Command.

The sessions She likes to conduct may include :

Bondage, Discipline, Service, Worship, Humiliation, Degradation, Genital Torture, Nipple Torture, Watersports, Trampling, Needle Play and Electrostimulation, Corporal Punishment, Sensory Deprivation, Anal Play, Depersonalizaton, Cross Dressing, Pet Play, Fornophilia, Role Play, Feet and Boot Fetishism.

Mistress Syn Ariad

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