Mistress Leah

Mistress Leah from Croydon, South London

I cater for the novice as well as the experienced. I also enjoy couples.
When you visit me I will have a chat with you to gauge your level of experience and discuss the type of fantasies you wish to have realised. I offer a safe word in all my sessions as safety is paramount.

I enjoy and get a thrill from subjects who are open and willing to try new things and who are ready to let me push them to their limits in order to please me.
Remember when you enter the Corrective Control Centre you are in my domain and you will become my plaything. You are here to please and amuse me; and I will have fun with you!

I have a wide array of rubber, leather, latex and PVC outfits that I love to wear to suit the mood of each scenario. I also have a large collection of stiletto shoes and boots. See my gallery

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